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Many people say
they never want to
live in a nursing home,
but it doesn't have
to be this way.


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From the beginning nursing homes were modeled after hospital care. The result is that all too often they lack individuality and flexibility that we associate with "home." Good, caring people work in nursing homes -- the problem is not the people -- it is the culture that is driven by rules, regulations and getting tasks done. But it doesn't have to be this way.

A decade ago, Rochester was the birthplace of a national movement to reinvent nursing homes into places that encourage freedom, relationships, and self-determination; places that provide more compassionate, more humane, more person-centered care in settings more like home. This movement -- called "culture change" -- is gaining momentum around the nation, and we think it should be more prevalent right here in its birthplace, Rochester.

Take It On For Mom is an effort to tell people like you about culture change and how to choose a home that embraces person-centered care. Learn more about a different way to provide care in nursing homes and help us create the demand that will encourage traditional nursing homes to change.

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